Just Plain Luck

eagle_ld13_fltLast week Barb and I were hiking along the Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 13 near Fulton, IL.  As usual, I was carrying my trusty Nikon D90 and a pair of binoculars in case any wildlife presented itself.  Suddenly, a huge eagle swooped up from the adjacent slough and lighted in a tree right next to me.  It had no idea I was there and I had no idea it was going to appear.  We saw each other at exactly the same instant and were each equally startled.  I immediately shouted “Holy s#!t” and several other expletives in rapid-fire fashion.  The eagle did the same in its own native tongue and leapt back into the air as quickly as it had landed.

With only milliseconds to react, I aimed the camera in the eagle’s general direction, held down the shutter release and captured 4.5 frames per second shooting in continuous mode.  I hoped and prayed the auto-focus was enabled and that at least one of the frames would yield an acceptable exposure.  For some reason I also continued to spew expletives.  I blame the adrenaline.

Out of nearly twenty shots, one turned out ok.  Pretty f#*%!&g lucky, don’t you think?